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Tyre Swing Bird Feeder

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Turn your garden into a sweet hang out for birds with a Tyre Swing Bird Feeder. Fill it with nutritious grain and give some feathered friends a helping hand during the colder months.
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Hearing birds sing in the garden and watching them flit in and out of the trees is a real pleasure in the summer months but a rare occurrence in the winter. Give your favourite winged visitors some help in the cold season with the Tyre Swing Bird Feeder- a sweet alternative to a classic wooden birdhouse.

Featuring a black ceramic tyre that can be tied to any tree and filled up with grain, it’s a handy place for birds to perch and nibble at some well appreciated food. Use proper bird feed instead of crumbs to attract birds back regularly and watch in awe as your garden transforms into a colourful aviary!

A thoughtful gift for keen gardeners, bird watchers or children with an interest in nature, the Tyre Swing Bird Feeder is an attractive garden accessory that also helps birds survive over the winter and adds life to every garden. Watch as thrushes, sparrows, finches and blackbirds flock in and add some liveliness! 

  • Ceramic bird feeder shaped like a tyre swing
  • Perfect for birds to perch on while they snack on grain 
  • Able to pour grain and other bird feed inside the tyre
  • Great for nourishing birds during the winter months when seed is in less natural abundance 
  • Beautiful gift for gardeners, bird watchers and nature lovers

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  • Ø 14 cm