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The Blood and Tears Walk | London

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Do you have a taste for the macabre and gruesome incidents of history? Want to hear all the shocking, bloodthirsty stories of London’s past and visit sites where plague, grave-robbing, murder and witchcraft took place? Then the Blood and Tears walk is the experience for you - if you think you can handle it!
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London’s dark and dangerous past is not for the faint-hearted so beware, if you participate in ‘The Blood and Tears Walk’ you should be prepared to visit the locations of some of the darkest, dastardly happenings known!


Forget the London Dungeon with its wax figures and re-hashed stories, ‘The Blood and Tears Walk’ will reveal all the details of the dark underbelly of historical London that you’ve always wanted to know. Led by former professional actor Declan McHugh, who wrote the best-selling ‘Bloody London’, you’ll wander the winding streets in the dark and discover all about Jack the Ripper and other lesser-known (but no less evil) resident serial killers. Visit execution sites, creepy cemeteries and secret tunnels, and become spellbound by the dark, gory truths about witchcraft in London.


The Blood and Tears walk is a horror-filled experience that will sort the true horror fans from the “watch-it- between-your- fingers” kind once and for all. So will you dare to step deep into the dark streets of London and hear the stories they have to tell?


What's included:

  • ‘The Blood and Tears Walk’ led by author and former actor Declan McHugh
  • Learn about Jack the Ripper and other gruesome serial killers
  • Visit spooky cemeteries and some incredibly creepy dark alleys where bad things happened
  • See a darker side to the great capital city
  • Mind games and quizzes, plus a psychic experiment…

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