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Stress Balls

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Vent your frustration on these tough and durable Stress Balls.Having a bad day at work? Keep these brilliant Stress Balls to hand to squeeze away your anger.
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Stress in the workplace is costing employers millions; fact. Those stressful situations are never going to be eliminated; fact. These fantastic stress balls are the quickest and easiest way to relieve that tension and save you a fortune in therapy; fact fact fact!

We're all human and at times we can feel our blood boiling be it due to annoying person or a situation we find ourselves in. Short of turning green and losing our shirt, there is often little we can do to relieve the Hulk rising within us. By constantly having one of these balls on your person you have the ultimate instant anger management item.

Stress balls have been around for ages, and you know why? Because they are so darn good at what they are intended for! You can abuse the balls as much as you like, they simply absorb your rage quietly and calmly, and return to their usual shape ready for the next round. As you get 3 stress balls of different sizes you can choose the one that best suits the situations, so whether you are slightly irked or about to embark on a full blown tantrum, there is a ball to suit your needs!

  • Proven way of relieving stress 
  • Instant stress management 
  • Will withstand all manner of abuse 
  • Reduce your stress induced sick days 
  • No need to fork out on expensive therapy 

Detailed Information

  • Set contains 3 different sized stress balls