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VW Campervan Mood Lamp

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Relax and watch the colours change on this tranquil VW Campervan Mood Lamp!This delightful little table lamp will infuse the room with positive vibes and pretty colours!
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Create a psychedelic set up with this awesome VW Campervan Mood Lamp! This groovy tabletop lamp looks like a little Volkswagen bus, and when you turn it on, it gradually shifts colour between red, blue, green and yellow. The soothing change in light creates a welcoming, calming atmosphere, perfect for a chilled out evening or a laid back party. And this cool lamp’s iconic shape looks fab in a vintage-inspired home or in a house full of travel photos. It’s an absolute classic!

This fun lamp is a great gift for a teenager’s bedroom if they’re into the hippie look. Or give it to a university-bound youngster with an adventurous streak. It’s a great present for a mate who loves a good roadtrip. And because this brilliant mood lamp runs on batteries or through a USB cord, they can take it along for a instant ambience anywhere! For a meta experience, use it to light up your caravan on your next friends getaway. Everyone will love relaxing in its warm glow after a day out!

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