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Speed & Cocaine Salt & Pepper Shakers

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These Speed & Cocaine Salt & Pepper Shakers are certainly going to get people talking! A hilarious addition to any table, break the ice among your guests with these  eyebrow-raising seasoning shakers.
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Picture this: you're about to serve a delicious dinner to your in-laws and you pop down these Speed & Cocaine Salt & Pepper Shakers. The look on their faces will be priceless - although your other half may be less than impressed. 

These hilarious novelty salt & pepper shakers are made from white porcelain and labelled with gold 'Speed' and 'Cocaine'. Naturally, we would recommend you pop salt and pepper in these shakers but of course that is totally up to you; we won't judge you here at

Guaranteed to get your guests talking at a dinner party, the Speed & Cocaine Salt & Pepper Shakers make a fantastic ice breaker and a great housewarming gift for friends. 

We'd be inclined to recommend that you pop them away when grandma is coming over - but each to their own...

  • Novelty salt and pepper shakers
  • Perfect for giving grandma a fright
  • Great housewarming gift for friends
  • Ideal ice breaker for awkward dinner parties

Detailed Information

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: 9 x 4 cm each shaker