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Sofa Butler

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Sofa Butler is the answer to all your lounging needs! Simply fill with all the things that you would normally lose in between the sofa cushions, or the remote, phone and TV guide that are sometimes just out of reach when you least feel like moving to get them!

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How did we ever manage without it?! The Sofa-Butler holds the TV guide, reading glasses, remote, snacks, drinks and everything else that makes a movie night relaxed and comfortable.

Everyone knows the feeling of settling down on the settee after work and putting your feet up. Only to find the remote is just out of reach! Or do you spend ages looking for your mobile phone that's disappeared down the side of the sofa or in between the cushions?

The Sofa Butler is the answer to all your lounging problems - simply hang over the arm of the sofa, fill with everything important and the Sofa Butler will keep it safe for you and always within arm's reach! Sofa Butler has 4 pockets and 2 removable clips to be used with square sofa arms when the clips are on, or round sofa arms when used without clips. The sweet felt design is also in classic colours to compliment most living room decor.

This is a great gift for anyone who loves to relax on the sofa after a hard day at work, or for a friend or relative who struggles to find their belongings behind the cushions!

Detailed Information


  • Material:
    • Oberstoff A: 70 % Polyester, 30 % Wolle
    • Oberstoff B: 70 % Polyester, 30 % Wolle
    • Ablageplatte: Holz
  • 4 Taschen für optimale Stauraumausnutzung
  • mit oder ohne Ablageplatte nutzbar, für eckige und runde Sofalehnen
  • Ablageplatte wird mittels zweier Metallclips am Filz befestigt
  • 65 x 34 cm, Holzplatte: 21 x 34 cm 
  • Holzplatte hart beschichtet
  • 2 Farbvarianten