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Pixel Heart Mug

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The Pixel Heart Mug is a special guesture for your loved ones and good friends. An even more special feature of this mug is that it even changes colour when hot drinks are poured into it!
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A gift idea for coffee lovers, good friends or gamers. The Pixel Heart Mug has an exceptional effect. In its normal state the mug shows a black heart composed of square pixels. But as soon as hot drinks such as coffee or tea are filled into the cup, the heart fills up with red colour. Thermographic ink creates this colour change that's bound to wow onlookers.

This mug is not just a great gift for Valentine's Day. The pixel heart also resembles the life indicator in classic video games, making the coffee mug a great choice for gamers. If the cup is empty or the drink cools off, the colour changes back to its original state.

A great gift for anyone who likes to enjoy coffee or tea.

Detailed Information

  • Thermographische Tinte sorgt für Farbwechsel bei Temperaturanstieg
  • Maße: 11 x 10 x 11 cm