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Can you keep your cool under fire? Paintball fire that is! Well it’s time to find out with this awesome, action-packed paintballing gift experience!

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It’s hard to imagine a better game than one where you get to fire coloured paint balls at your sworn enemy (well, maybe it’s just Dave from the office but still…seriously satisfying). Talk about stress relief! Forget yoga, they should be prescribing paintballing! That moment of glory when you see a splodge of yellow or pink - or frankly any colour - explode on their camo kit (or 10 bonus points for a shot right in the face mask) is indescribable!

Whether you’ve already experienced the joy and thrill of the paintballing game or it’s just something you’ve always wanted to try, this awesome paintballing gift experience will probably be the best present you’ll ever receive. Grab a few buddies (or a few annoying siblings who you rather fancy shooting with a bit of paint) and head out into the battlefield to see who comes out victorious!

A perfect gift for your adrenalin-junkie friends or for a group on a stag, hen or birthday occasion, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time paintballing - remember, losers buy the drinks!


What's included:


  • Fun day out with your friends
  • 100 paintballs per person 
  • Lunch available at select sites only - please check with the provider at time of booking

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