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Paintballing | South West

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Red Alert, man your stations & prepare for battle! Your platoon is required to silence the enemy & launch an invasion unlike anything the Paintballing establishment has ever seen. Break past their defence & enter into a full-scale assault, they have no idea what is coming! 
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All Out Attack!

Get ready for the strongest to survive in an all-out war in a thrilling, fun, exciting and challenging encounter!

It's still the fastest growing and most popular extreme sports activity in the UK, with raising the flag in victory being the only option for your military unit once battle is underway. Semi-automatic gas-powered paintball guns are provided along with other standard issue equipment such as face masks, hoods, chest protectors and coveralls.

Each participant receives 100 paintballs included in this offer, so it's time to step up and lead your team to greatness! 

What's included:

  • Fun day out with your friends
  • 100 paintballs per person 
  • Lunch available at select sites only - please check with the provider at time of booking

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