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Owl Warming & Cooling Eye Mask

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Don't stay wide eyed all night! Ensure you get your precious beauty sleep with the help of this cute Owl Eyes Eye Mask.

It's fun design is practical too, helping you zone out the hoots and tweets of the night as you settle in for sleep. Block out the light and the world with this fun yet practical Owl Warming & Cooling Eye Mask, which will help soothe tired eyes in style.

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Owls are real party animals, staying up all night hooting away and flying about all over the place! Each to their own but us humans need our beauty sleep. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find though; for anyone who has trouble getting in their full 8 hours or who’s going travelling and may need a helping hand nodding off peacefully, the Owl Warming & Cooling Eye Mask is the perfect gift. Helping to block out the light and softly cocooning your tired eyes, this mask will help you get some rest wherever you are.

This fantastic Owl Warming & Cooling Eye Mask isn’t just helpful for sleeping though, it’s also a wonderful way to just spend time relaxing. After a long day at work or when going through a stressful time, it’s important to let your eyes really rest and, once you slip on this Owl Warming & Cooling Eye Mask, which you can have warm or cool to your preference, you’ll be unwinding blissfully in minutes.

Give someone the ultimate gift of relaxation - and give them a good giggle at the quirky owl design too! No more need for stress, let our nocturnal friends keep watch while you slumber off soundly to dreamland…

  • Perfect gift for light sleepers or daydreamers
  • Can be heated or cooled for ultimate soothing
  • Relax and soothe your eyes
  • Available in two twit-ta-woo colours
  • Ideal present for those who deserve to relax

Detailed Information

Schlafmaske „Eule“

  • zur Auswahl:
    • in Rot
    • in Schwarz
  • mit elastischem und verstellbarem Band
  • herausnehmbares Inlett zum Kühlen oder Wärmen
  • absolut lichtundurchlässiger Stoff
  • praktisch für zu Hause und auf Reisen
  • Gewicht: 140 g
  • Maße: ca. 12 x 20 cm
  • Herstellung: in Europa
  • Material: Obermaterial: 100 % Baumwolle, Füllung: 100 % Weizen (aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau)
  • Hinweise:
    • Kühlung in einem Gefrierbeutel im Gefrierfach für ca. 2 Stunden – kühlt anschließend ca. 20 Minuten
    • Erwärmung in der Mikrowelle (2 Minuten bei 200 W) oder im Ofen (15 Minuten bei 100 °C) – wärmt anschließend ca. 20 Minuten
    • Hülle (ohne Inlett) waschbar bis 30 °C
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