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Emergency Toilet Paper

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Next time you’re in a tight toilet spot, make sure you’ve got this Emergency Toilet Paper handy! Just remember, as is clearly marked: it’s for emergencies only!!

  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy
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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


We’ve all been there. You’re sitting happily on the toilet one minute, daydreaming or reading your comics, then suddenly you turn towards the empty, gaping space on the wall where the toilet paper should be and horror strikes!

A great gift idea for anyone who lives in shared accommodation. Students especially will be thankful for this Emergency Toilet Paper. In fact, they could probably do with a few rolls just to get the through the week! Whose turn was it to buy the toilet roll this time? Who can you blame from amongst all of your equally rubbish flatmates? Perhaps it was even your fault this time! Whatever the situation or whoever’s to blame, you’re covered with this funny Emergency Toilet Paper: both a bit of novelty fun and a real lifesaver!

So never get caught short again with your pants down. With a roll or two of this Emergency Toilet Paper in your bathroom, all your toilet woes are over!

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