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Lifetime Paintballing Membership | South West

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Forget meditation, yoga, or even boxing! If you’re looking for the ultimate way to have loads of fun and relieve any stress from daily life, then look no further than this amazing Lifetime Paintballing Membership!
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Anyone who’s been paintballing before knows just how fun and incredibly addictive it is. There’s nothing like the adrenalin rush of turning each corner wondering if you’re going to get a big dollop of yellow or green in the chest. Video games haven’t got anything on the real-life thrill of working with your team, coming up with a strategy and then seeing it all pay off with a mega victory!

Now you can enjoy this fantastic activity as much as you like! With a lifetime paintballing membership, you’ll be a real expert in no time and will be moving up those paintball ranks quicker than you can say “gotcha!”. No more weekends or evenings spent idly wishing you were out doing something more exciting instead; with a lifetime membership you can spend every second of every day living it up paintball style if you so wish!

This paintballing gift experience is one in a million and will make that certain paintball addict you know one happy person indeed - you’ll be lucky if you ever see them out of their combat costume again!


What's included:


  • Fun day out with your friends any time you wish
  • Aim and fire - practice makes perfect!
  • Opportunity to do something different at any point
  • 100 paintballs per person 
  • Lunch available at select sites only - please check with the provider at time of booking

Detailed Information

  • Most outdoor games are played with 16 on each side. Indoor games vary from 8 - 16 per side
  • Gift voucher valid for one person
  • Paintballs not included
  • Paintballs can be purchased on the day. Costs of £5 - £11.50 per 100 paintballs vary depending on site
  • Average number of paintballs used per session is 500
  • Minimum age is 12 but can vary between 8-18 years depending on site - please check with provider at time of booking to confirm

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