Kisses Umbrella

It may be dark, cloudy, raining and generally miserable outside, but at least with the Kisses Umbrella you never need to feel unloved at the same time.

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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


The great thing about Britain, well, one of the great things, is that you always get real value for money when you buy an umbrella. We’re talking real, non-stop, you can use this beauty every day kind of value… And what a beauty the Kisses Umbrella is!

The Kisses Umbrella is a dome shaped umbrella, meaning that at the very least you hair will definitely stay dry as the dome can cover your head and shoulders. It also means that you won’t have any nasty Mary Poppins style accidents, where your umbrella ends up inside out as you blow away into the sky because a magical nanny doesn’t want you to have her job.

Also, to save on a wide variety of other nasty accidents, such as walking into lamp posts or falling down holes, the Kisses Umbrella is made of clear plastic so you can still see where you’re going. It’s also covered in lovely lipstick kisses that will always make you feel loved!

This great umbrella also has a red traditional crook handle and it is a great gift for any woman who really wants to keep her hair dry in the rain. 

  • Clear plastic to prevent nasty accidents
  • Ideal for…anyone, anytime (This is Britain, after all!)
  • Traditional crook handle is comfortable to hold

Detailed Information

Kisses Umbrella:

  • Dimensions: 85 cm
  • Material: Plastic
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Item out of stock. Available shortly.