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Hi-Call | Bluetooth Talking Gloves

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These unique Bluetooth Talking Gloves connect to your smartphone allowing you to call like you never did before! You don't even have to risk getting cold hands to answer that incoming call from your Mum! Perfect for fashion focused females or males who can't keep off their mobile!
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Are you constantly removing your gloves to answer a call or forever dropping your phone because you're too cold to not wear gloves?!

Not only are these gloves comfy and warm (and totally touch-screen friendly), but they will wirelessly synch with your smartphone, turning your hand into a phone. Just pull them on, press the ‘answer’ button and make the classic ‘phone hand’ shape.

These amazing Bluetooth Talking Gloves are a great gift for the cold winter months to help those who can't stay off their phone be both attached and de-tached from the mobile world! As long as your device is near by and the bluetooth is turned on then it'll work and make your life a lot better! It's not quite hands-free but it's definitely the closest you're going to get and it makes answering the phone super simple.

Ever used to pretend you were on the phone by holding your hand up when you were younger? That's actually possible with these gloves! Get nostalgic and relive those childhood games with these great accessories.

  • Warm and snug capacitive touch-screen Bluetooth enabled gloves
  • Integrated microphone and speaker in the tips of the thumb and little finger
  • Great gift for a technology loving couple
  • Stay warm whilst chatting to a friend

Detailed Information


  • Steuerung des Telefons über die Knöpfe auf dem Handschuh
  • Bedienung von Touchscreens mit den Handschuhen möglich
  • Bluetooth Reichweite 12 m
  • Akkuleistung für 20 Stunden Telefongespräche und bis zu 1 Woche Standby-Zeit
  • Steuerung des Telefons mit den Knöpfen auf der Oberseite des Handschuhs
  • Bedienung von Touchscreens mit den Handschuhen dank speziell eingewebter Mikrofasern im Daumen und Zeigefinger möglich
  • Einfach aufzuladen über das mitgelieferte USB-Kabel


  • Hi-Call Handschuh
  • Akku
  • USB Ladekabel
  • Mikrofon u. Freisprecheinrichtung
  • Material: 95 % Polyacryl, 3 % Baumwolle, 2 % Polyester