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Half Beer Glass

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Drink up in style with the Half Beer Glass, and show off that your glass is always half full. The clever and quirky novelty beer glass always serves half measures.
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If you’re not quite sure if your glass is always empty or half full the unusual Half Beer Glass will help you clarify the matter. This cheeky and hilarious novelty glass is a cool gift idea for the lightweight or slow drinker who never finishes his beer. The unique clear glass beer glass has a traditional curvy half pint glass design, with a modern twist. Instead of compromising in size the glass is simply sliced in half, with just enough room for a half a pint of beer.

Mess with your mates’ minds by serving their chilled beer in the novelty Half Beer Glass. From the front the glass looks like a genuine full pint. When viewed from the side they’ll quickly discover they’re getting half measures. This half pint glass is also ideal for manly half pint drinkers who consider the classic half pint glass to be a beer drinking girl’s option!

A Half Beer Glass makes a cool joke present for a drinking buddy who secretly prefers knocking back halves. To enjoy the full measure, sup your brew and refill the glass to the rim.

  • Novelty joke beer glass
  • Looks like a full pint, serves half measures
  • Serve up a pint and confuse and amuse your friends
  • Great for retaining boozing dignity
  • Perfect for slow drinkers and lightweights who never finish their pints

Detailed Information

  • Capacity: 284ml
  • Please drink responsibly