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The language of flowers has never been easier to master. The Grow Me a Message plants are perfect for saying what you cannot with words. Everything that you need is included, so it's as simple as planting and then watching it grow in just one week! Choose from 9 perfect messages for any occasion.

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Say what you want to say without words and give someone a unique and special message - This is the concept of Grow Me a Message!

Choose the perfect plant and message for that special person and tell them exactly what you want to say; roses for love, clover for luck, sunflowers for happiness, or much more. Inside each box you will find everything that you require to grow your own small garden.

  • Say with flowers something that you cannot say with words
  • 9 different plants to choose from for every occasion
  • Easy to use: includes seeds, soil and compost pot
  • Grows in just one week!
  • Completely biodegradable


There's no need to be an expert gardener or have a shed of tools. All you need is a little water and then it'll start to grow just like magic.

The Grow Me a Message pot is completely biodegradable. Once the plant is ready for transplanting, you just need to put the complete thing in a larger pot and add a little soil, then the original pot will gradually disappear while giving the plant all of it's nutrients.