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Glow in the Dark Belt

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An accessory with a difference, this seemingly plain white Glow in the Dark Belt will really make you stand out from the crowd once night sets in!
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Say goodbye to boring old leather belts that do nothing but hold your trousers up. It’s time for the belt to become an exciting accessory in its own right! This Glow in the Dark Belt will keep you looking smart in the daytime and will make you the talk of the party once night sets in. Don’t be surprised if people come a-flocking on the dance floor just to be bathed in your star-like glow..

The Glow in the Dark Belt will charge up during the daytime and will give you up to 20 minutes of glow-time once night sets in. If there’s a black light handy though - you can keep shining all night long! Maybe your outfit doesn’t call for a belt but you don’t want to miss out on the illumination? Well time to get creative! These UV belts have been seen lighting the way as headbands, alternative bag straps, braces, and even dance floor lassos!

This Glow in the Dark Belt is a fun gift idea for students and freshers attending UV raves, and others who like their clothes to do more than just look pretty!

  • Fun, unique belt
  • Light up the dance floor
  • Easy wearing during daytime
  • Great gift for UV parties
  • Belt size adjustable

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: max. waist circumference 110cm
  • Will glow in the dark for around 20mins from stored daylight