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Giant Drink Dispenser Jar

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The Giant Drink Dispenser Jar makes sure you’ve got enough alcohol to get everyone through those awkward social gatherings, and in a stylish design too!
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Often when you hold barbecues or parties you have a wonderful vision in your head as to what it will be. You see people having the best time of their lives, chatting, dancing, eating from a marvellous banquet of your own making and complimenting you on the most delightful and dance inducing punch the have ever tasted.

The reality is not usually so great, but at least with the Giant Drink Dispenser Jar you can get the punch right and ensure that people aren’t avoiding the punch bowl for fear of what might have fallen into it. Let’s be honest, things might be a bit awkward to start off with, but once people start drinking the punch they’ll soon loosen up and your ideal party will shortly follow.

The Giant Drink Dispenser Jar is designed to look like a huge preserving jar that is made of glass. It contains 3.5 litres of liquid which is more than enough to get the party going and with its large lockable opening it invites people to drink from it, knowing that even though that child did just sneeze near it the punch is definitely safe. 

  • Giant drink dispenser designed to look like a jar
  • Drink pours from tap
  • lockable lid to prevent spillage
  • Ideal for barbecues and parties
  • Great gift for party hosts

Detailed Information

  • Material: glass, metal 
  • Height: 26 cm