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Game of Thrones Tour of Southern Locations with Castle Ward

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Discover the wild Northern Ireland countryside on this excellent Game of Thrones Tour. Visit filming locations on the southern side of Belfast and learn more about how the series is made.
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Spend the day exploring the glorious and beautiful countryside south of Belfast as you visit many sites where Game of Thrones has filmed over six series. Start with one of the most dramatic moments from series 1, at the camp by a ruined castle where Robb Stark learned of his father’s death from his mother Catelyn.

You will visit the site of Catelyn’s father, Hoster Tully’s viking-esque riverside funeral. The castle that has been used as the exterior of Riverrun, the Tully seat in Westeros, is also visible here. Ride on to Winterfell, the fortress where the story begins, with victorious and content Robert Baratheon imploring Ned Stark to act as the King’s Hand.

Relive a moment of shock when you see the tower from which Bran was pushed by Jaime Lannister. You’ll have ample opportunities to take photographs at these and more filming locations as you travel about the stunning landscape. Your expert guide will fill you in on series trivia along the way!

What's included:

  • Visit more than 10 filming locations
  • See the Robb Stark’s camp when he was preparing to pass over the Green Fork via the Twins
  • Explore the forest where the Stark children’s direwolf pups were found
  • After the Game of Thrones sites, you’ll have a chance to see the grave of Ireland’s patron saint, Patrick
  • Compliments the Game of Thrones Tour of Northern Locations with Giants Causeway

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