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Here is a selection of useful, stylish and cool gadgets that even the most technophobic of people will love.

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  1. The language of flowers has never been easier to master. The Grow Me a Message plants are perfect for saying what you cannot with words. Everythin...
    (£216.50 / kg)
  2. Find the missing piece in your loving relationship with this unique gift, and show your other half just how much they mean to you. The Personalised...
  3. This Photo Transfer Mug is a great way to get creative and offer a loved one a really thoughtful, personalised gift that they can cherish forever.
  4. Whatever your tea preference is, the practical Paradoxical Tea Timer will help you to brew the perfect cuppa every time. The mini hourglass timer w...
    From: £20.99
  5. Record conversations, voices and noises and turn them into hilarious remixes using the Voice Box Audio Recorder - a useful item/great pranking tool...

    Regular Price: £23.99

    Special Price £10.90

  6. Wrap your presents with ease, using this ingenious Gift Wrapping Thumb you can save yourself untold time and effort.
  7. Kunststoff-Luftbefeuchter mit USB-Anschluss
  8. Boules Set Small

    Regular Price: £20.99

    Special Price £9.90

  9. Need some light? No problem. The super slim Magnetic LED Torch can light the way even in the smallest of spaces. The compact bright light attaches ...
  10. This Floating Black Lamp is not only a seriously cool piece of technology with an actual floating lampshade, but a snazzy design piece for your bed...

11 Gifts

Grid List