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Festival Feet | Shoe Covers

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Make sure your shoes live to see another day after the festival with these funny and useful Festival Feet Shoe Covers! They are designed to look just like a shoe and are easy to wash and re use. Great to keep dirt, mud and drink spills off your shoes at the next festival - so you can enjoy your favourite band without worrying about the mud at Glastonbury! 
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Have you ever been to a big festival and been afraid to get to the front at your favourite DJ, worried about your shoes getting dirtied or damaged? Or have your favourite pair of shoes been a victim of a muddy festival dance floor? These Festival Feet Shoe Covers are the perfect way to keep your shoes from getting destroyed so you can keep enjoying the festival!

The plastic disposable shoe covers are designed to be put over your shoes and tied up at the front to protect your shoes from the chaos that is a festival dance floor. The outside looks exactly like a shoe so no one will ever know your real shoes are underneath and they are available in either red or blue. These handy re usable shoe covers make sure you can wear your brand new Converse trainers or new sandals on festival day without needing to buy new shoes the next day!

These cool shoe covers look just like shoes while they are easy to be washed and reused too. An ideal gift idea for regular festival goers and lovers of live music and DJs! If you know a girl that doesn't like to get her favourite sandals dirty, this is the perfect gift for her! 

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Festivaalikengät - Kenkäsuojukset

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