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Layered Cocktail Maker

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Let your imagination flow with the booze through this sweet Layered Cocktail Maker!
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Learning to make a delicious cocktail isn’t too difficult - there are loads of recipe books and internet videos out there to follow. But crafting a truly beautiful drink takes skill and practice. At least, it used to. With this brilliant Layered Cocktail Maker, you can easily mix up drink and after gorgeous drink for friends. Whether you love classics like the B-52 and the Slippery Nipple or you want to start experimenting with your own recipes, you won’t have to fuss with upside-down spoons and steady hands to ensure a clean layer. This ace cocktail maker will do all the hard work for you.

Clip the funnel of this fun cocktail maker onto the side of the glass with the spout facing toward the wall of the cup. Then simply pour, densest liqueur first, and the lightest last. The funnel directs the liquids to run down the inside of the glass, breaking their fall from the bottle, so they gently settle on top of each other. Voila! This easy to use cocktail maker is a great gift for a mixologist mate or for a friend who loves to throw a charming cocktail party!

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