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Bogey Man Egg Separator

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Separating those yolks and whites has never been so easy (or gruesome!) with the Bogey Man Egg Separator: the home baker’s new best friend!
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We all enjoy a cake or two and those of us who toil away in the kitchen to make them know just how much hassle it can be to separate egg yolks and whites. Do you precariously slip the yolk from one half of the shell to the other waiting for the white to (hopefully) dribble out; or maybe crack the egg in to one hand and use your slightly splayed fingers as a not-so-effective human sieve?!

Chefs will be delighted to know that the Bogey Man Egg Separator is about to come to the rescue - in a rather gruesome but very effective manner! Simply crack in your egg and watch in delight (and horror!) as the whites trickle seamlessly out of its nostrils. Not for the weak-stomached, this useful device will save you time and kitchen stress and is also a favourite amongst children who love to watch the egg white “bogies” come trickling out ready to be eaten in their favourite dessert later!

Perhaps an accquired taste at first, the Bogey Man Egg Separator will win everyone over with it's usefulness. A great gift for bakers or to get kids involved in the kitchen.

  • The easy way to separate yolks and whites
  • No mess, no hassle
  • Fun kitchen accessory
  • Perfect present for bakers
  • Kids will love helping in the kitchen!

Detailed Information

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: approx. 8 x 14 cm (with handle)
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher. Hand wash only!