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Beer Cooler

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Nobody likes warm beer! This Beer Cooler is the solution to the age old problem in summer of warm beers. Simply freeze the cooler then pop it on your beer to act as a refrigeration jacket - chill 0.3 - 0.5 litres of beer in 5 minutes. Enjoy a cold beer everytime and have a lot more space in the refrigerator!
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There is nothing better then a nice beer in the summer, and conversely, there is nothing worse than a beer wasted because it’s not cold enough. We all know the problem, you bring beer back from the supermarket, the sun is out, but the beer is not cold yet… the wait seems to take forever.

Fret no more! With this active Beer Cooler, you simply leave this sleeve in the freezer, and when you need it you simply slide your beer inside it and wait 5 minutes and hey presto, your beer is refreshingly cold.

Give this genius little invention to any of your beer loving friends and simply wait for the consistent feedback from them about how you have saved them from the perils of warm beer this summer. You’ll make the person they live with happy as well because it will free up lots of space in the fridge! Amazing present, win win!

Detailed Information

  • Sleeve for beer
  • Suitable for 0,3 or 0,5 l
  • Cold beer in just 5 minutes
  • Remains cold for hours
  • Unbreakable, reusable


Note: Please drink responsibly