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1, 2, Cold - Wine Bottle Cooler

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Chill your wine to perfection in just minutes with this fab 1, 2, Cold Wine Bottle Cooler!It’s a soft cooler pack that holds your favourite beverage until it’s just right for guzzling!
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This brilliant 1, 2, Cold Wine Bottle Cooler is just the job when a dinner guest arrives bearing a welcome but lukewarm bottle of plonk. This flexible freezer pack ices down a bottle of wine in a matter of moments. Pop the bottle into the pre-chilled wine cooler and by the time everyone’s coat is off and the weather’s been discussed, it will be perfect drinking temperature. And it stores flat in your freezer, so you can have it at the ready at all times. No fussing with an ice bucket, and no need for ice cubes in the chardonnay - unless you want them.

This excellent wine cooler is great for ensuring a refreshingly crisp bottle is at the ready on the table or in the back garden. It’s great for keeping a bottle chilled in a picnic basket or for preparing the bubbly for a celebratory toast. Because it’s so compact, this ace wine cooler ensures you don’t have to take up valuable fridge space with wine bottles. And it needn’t be restricted to wine. It can accommodate a bottle up to 1 litre or water, pop, juice or whatever else you fancy!

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