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  1. Colour & Style Consulatation

    Colour & Style Consultation | Glasgow

    In a sea of fashion, many of us can often feel like we’re drowning! Give yourself a safety raft and get to shore looking stylish and feeling confident with this fantastic Colour and Style Consultation.
  2. Men's Image Consulation

    Men's Image Consulation | Glasgow

    Are you ready for a style overhaul? Update your look, learn how to look your best and let your individuality shine with this Men’s Image and Style Consultation.
  3. Virtual Styling Experience

    Virtual Styling Experience for Women | UK wide

    Stop making style mistakes and wasting money on poorly chosen outfits with a Virtual Styling experience. With this personalised, online style assessment and tailored advice, you can revolutionise your style and step out in confidence!
  4. Zoe Hawkins personal shopper

    Personal Shopper Experience | London

    Only celebs get their own personal shoppers and stylists, right? Wrong! Now you can live the high street fantasy and up your style game with your very own personal shopping experience in London!
  5. Zoe Hawkins personal shopper

    Personal Shopper Experience | Birmingham

    Revamp your wardrobe with professional help on this exciting personal shopping experience!Hit the hottest shops in Birmingham with your personal stylist to find clothes you love that love you back!
  6. Wardrobe Editing Experience

    Wardrobe Editing Experience | London

    Clear out the clutter and bring in some new togs with this fun wardrobe editing experience in London!Spend a few hours with an expert stylist and personal shopper to find the right style for your life!
  7. Personal shopper assisting client

    Wardrobe Editing Experience | Birmingham

    Discover hidden treasures in your own closet with this educational wardrobe editing experience!An expert personal stylist will help you put your own clothes to their best use!
  8. Colour Analysis

    Colour Analysis | Northamptonshire

    You love the colour red - but does it love you? Find out which colours are making you glow and which to avoid with this amazing Colour Analysis!
  9. Analysis & Style Consultation

    Colour Analysis & Style Consultation | Northamptonshire

    Say goodbye to the shopping sweats and disaster purchases, find the colours and styles that suit you best so you never go wrong again with this fantastic Colour Analysis and Style Consultation.
  10. Complete Style Consultation & Personal Shopping Experience

    Complete Style Consultation & Personal Shopping Experience | Northamptonshire

    Having your own personal shopper doesn’t have to be just a dream from your celeb fantasies - with this fantastic styling and personal shopper experience, you can learn how to win the best-dressed award every time!
  11. Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopping Experience | London

    Whether you're in need of an entire new look or simply something to wear on a special day, your personal shopper will lend her years of experience to helping you dress to impress on an enjoyable shopping trip around the city, whatever your budget!
  12. Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopping Experience | Cambridge

    No matter what your budget, resolve to always look your best by stocking up on new clothes with a personal shopper! Shop smart and avoid ill-advised purchases, benefiting from years of fashion industry experience and expertise!
  13. Wardrobe Consultation

    Personalised Wardrobe Consultation | London

    Have a professional stylist advise you on streamlining your wardrobe, learning to work better with the clothes you already own and getting rid of the ones that don't suit you. Perfect for those with too many clothes and nothing to wear!
  14. Wardrobe Consultation

    Wardrobe Consultation | Cambridge

    Organise your wardrobe under the guidance of a professional stylist! You'll learn to maximise the potential of your current clothes and ditch all those that don't suit you, making your wardrobe less cluttered and you more stylish!
  15. Colour Analysis

    Colour Analysis | London

    Look younger and more radiant with a personal colour analysis at your home! Learn which colours and patterns suit you best, and never make a fashion faux pas again!
  16. Colour Analysis

    Colour Analysis | Cambridge

    Enhance your natural glow by learning which colours and patterns work best for you! After a comprehensive colour analysis you'll become a better dresser and a better shopper!
  17. Styling for Men

    Styling for Men | London

    Do you need to go from David Brent to David Beckham?! Time to get the professionals involved and overhaul your style!
  18. Styling for Men | Cambridge

    Styling for Men | Cambridge

    If you simply can’t take those mismatched outfits or boyhood sweaters that consistently make an appearance in your man’s staple wardrobe, time to get him to up his style game with a Styling session with an expert stylist.
  19. Styling for Men

    Styling for Men | Norwich

    Whether your style icon is a classic James Bond or a more quirky Russell Brand, this Styling for Men session will help get you on your way to feeling cool and stylish every day!
  20. Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopping Experience | Norwich

    Whether for a special occasion or the foreseeable future, a new outfit or a complete new look, you can shop smarter and dress better with your very own personal shopper!
  21. Personalised Wardrobe Consultation

    Personalised Wardrobe Consultation | Norwich

    Streamline your wardrobe with the help of a professional stylist! Discover which clothes bring out your best and why, learning to maximise their potential and then ditch the rest!
  22. Colour Analysis

    Colour Analysis | Norfolk

    Look your very best – always! With a personal colour analysis and consultation from a professional stylist, you'll learn how to use clothes to appear younger, healthier and more radiant!
  23. Makeover Experience

    Makeover Experience | London

    Get the complete makeover treatment from an expert stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist! Whatever the reason for a change, your personal makeover team will leaving you feeling more confident and looking better than ever!
  24. Makeover

    Makeover Experience | Cambridge

    Discover a better dressed, better looking and more confident new you! With the help of an expert makeover team, anyone can look and feel better than ever before!
  25. Choosing clothes - Melissa Murrell

    Wardrobe Re-Style | Bath

    Give yourself the gift of decluttering with an excellent Wardrobe Re-Styling Experience!Let a pro show you how to reorganise you clothes and put together some snazzy new outfits!
  26. Wardrobe Re-Style

    Wardrobe Re-Style | Newbury

    This fun Wardrobe Re-Styling Experience is a makeover for your look and your mind!Clear out a cluttered closet and discover fresh ways to wear your favourites with help from a pro!
  27. Wardrobe Re-Style

    Wardrobe Re-Style | Reading

    Let a professional stylist show you how to work with what you’ve got on this fun Wardrobe Re-Styling Experience!Clear out your closet and make some space for a new you!
  28. Wardrobe Re-Style

    Wardrobe Re-Style | Southampton

    Let a personal stylist cast a professional eye over your clothes collection on this cool Wardrobe Re-Styling Experience!Find a treasure trove of fresh outfits by re-styling the clothes you already own!
  29. Personal Shopping

    Personal Shopping | Bath

    Hit the shops with a professional bestie in tow on this super-fun Personal Shopping Experience!Learn how to head straight for the styles that will make you look and feel your best!
  30. Personal Shopping

    Personal Shopper Experience | Bristol

    Give someone an amazing surprise with a voucher for a Personal Shopping Experience!Your very own personal shopper an expert stylist will guide you through the shops to build a stylish new wardrobe.
  31. Personal Shopping

    Personal Shopper Experience | Newbury

    Learn how to style yourself like a true fashionista with a fab Personal Shopping Experience!Give a personal shopping voucher for a totally surprising and unique gift for a special woman in your life.
  32. Makeover

    Makeover Experience | Norwich

    Look better than ever before with the guidance of an expert makeover team! Whatever your age, gender or fashion sense, they'll help uncover a striking and more confident new you!
  33. Personal Shopping Experience

    Personal Shopper Experience | Reading

    Explore the shops in a whole new way with help from a professional stylist on this cool Personal Shopper Experience.Give yourself or someone you love a chance to build style and confidence with advice from a personal stylist.
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