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'You My Ride or Die' Card

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 When you’re with that one you love but you still have your ups and downs, the 'You My Ride or Die' Card will let them know you’ll be there through it all.
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If you’ve maybe not quite yet learnt the art of living like a proper grown-up, but are still managing to keep some kind of a romantic relationship with a woman that you think you might love then the 'You My Ride or Die' Card is the perfect way to let your girl know that you care about her and that you have no intention of changing… Ever.

Ride or die is a combination of two phrases, ride it out or die trying, which doesn’t sound like a relationship from heaven, but you’re still both happy right? Ride or die is a hip hop term that means that you’ll stick with your partner through the good and the bad and the 'You My Ride or Die' Card is the perfect card for when things are getting tough as a reminder of your love.

The card contains the text ‘You my ride or die, for life,’ has an image of a two fists giving a little fist bump. This card is great for Valentine’s day, or just a token of your affection when things are a little rough.  

  • Ride or die for life card 
  • Let your partner know you’ll be there through it all 
  • Great for Valentine’s day 

Detailed Information

  • Blank inside for personalised message
  • Matching white envelope
  • Material: Paper, cardboard

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