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Yolkfish Egg Separator

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Seperate eggs easily with Yolkfish Egg Separator - the kitchen helper you've been waiting for! Simply crack your eggs into a bowl and your fishy friend will suck the yolks out. Make the perfect meringues with ease!
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It can be a real pain separating eggs - despite your best efforts to carefully crack them and jiggle the yolks from side to side, itty bitty streaks of yellow still manage to sneak into your whites! Yet for the sake of perfect meringues and the most creamy custards we must crack on! This Yolkfish Egg Separator is better than a helping hand in the kitchen - it's the kitchen gadget to turn you into a baking expert!

Crack whole eggs into a mixing bowl and use your Yolkfish to suck out the yolks with it's big mouth. A simple but effective gift idea for cooks and funny to watch - your foodie friends and baking lovers will be hooked! Apart from its practical use, the quirky, modern design ensures it looks great on the kitchen worktop too, adding a splash of colour with it's bright orange colour.

No yokes about it, this simple to use, fishy friend is perfect for the chef in your life or as a quirky housewarming gift. You're guaranteed to add fun and fins to the kitchen with the Yolkfish Egg Separator

Detailed Information

  • Yolkfish squeezy egg separator
  • Made from silicone