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Window Solar Charger

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Always running out of battery? Never get the chance to fully charge you phone? Use this Window Solar Charger to fully charge smartphones and other devices with ease, using the energy from the sun.
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The Window Solar Charger is a gift that uses the enviornment to help you re-charge and remain green by doing so! Using the Window Solar Charger generates Solar energy which runs the 1.300 mAh lithium battery. It includes a mini-usb cable so you can charge a variety of devices like MP3 players, Smartphones, Cameras and Tablets without having to worry where the nearest plug socket is!

Bounded on a silicone cup, it means that the Window Solar Charger can be mounted onto a variety of surfaces meaning it's fully flexible and portable, no matter where you run out of charge. This gift is also great to show kids how solar energy works or even the more limited use of electricity in and around the house. Using solar energy promotes greener useage in the environment and gives an aspect of 'magic' to technology too!

  • Re-chargable lithium battery.
  • LED lighting system to identify when items are charging or fully charged
  • Can be mounted in a variety of places using silicon suction cup
  • Portable 
  • No power outlet needed

Detailed Information

Solar-Ladegerät für das Fenster

  • verschiedene Farben zur Auswahl
  • abnehmbarer Silikon-Haftring
  • wiederaufladbare 1.300 mAh Lithiumbatterie
  • Output 5V / max. 500mA
  • USB Ein- und Ausgang inkl. mitgeliefertes USB-Kabel
  • LED-Ladeanzeige
  • Maße: 11 x 11 x 1,75 cm
  • Ladezeit: Am Fenster bis zu 13 Stunden, via USB-Kabel etwa 3 Stunden.