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Wardrobe Re-Style | Bath

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Give yourself the gift of decluttering with an excellent Wardrobe Re-Styling Experience!

Let a pro show you how to reorganise you clothes and put together some snazzy new outfits!

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Everyone’s been tempted to throw out their entire wardrobe and start over. But with this exciting Wardrobe Re-Styling Experience, you’ll learn how to use the clothes you already have to create a fresh new look. A professional stylist will be right there to guide you through the process of parting with clothes you’ve worn out or those that just don’t suit you. After providing your style guru with some info about your lifestyle and look, she’ll come to your home in Bath. Once you’ve sorted through your stuff, it’s time to try on the new.

Your stylist will bring with her a variety of sample clothes for you to try on. Mix and match with your own clothes to determine the gaps in your wardrobe. But you’ll also discover new ways to wear old clothes. Every outfit you and your stylist complete will be photographed, so you can remember how to put the look together. At the end of this awesome re-styling experience, you'll receive a style board with some specific items that you might want to add to your wardrobe to complete your new look!

  • Complete a style questionnaire in advance
  • Try on some sample clothes to see what works
  • Sort through your clothes to decide what to keep
  • Put together new outfits and take photographs
  • Receive a style board with recommended wardrobe additions

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