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Wardrobe Editing Experience | Birmingham

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Discover hidden treasures in your own closet with this educational wardrobe editing experience!An expert personal stylist will help you put your own clothes to their best use!
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Out with the old and in with the… edited! With this educational and exciting wardrobe editing experience, you’ll have the opportunity to get expert advice not just on fashion generally, but how to wear the clothes you already have. Your personal fashion expert will come to your own home and go through your wardrobe with you. She will give you plenty of guidance on how to filter out the clutter, and which items don’t work for you.

Once you’ve removed the redundant clothes, your stylist will go through what you’ve got to help you build new outfits. Her expert eye can put pieces together in ways you might not have even considered before. And with additional advice on adding accessories and other details, you’ll soon feel like you’ve got a whole new closet. Throughout this fun wardrobe editing experience, your fashion guru can recommend additions to solidify the foundations of your wardrobe, but you may find that everything you need is already there.

By the end of this session, you’ll wear your clothes with a new confidence!

  • Your stylist will examine your own wardrobe at home with you
  • Over 3-4 hours, organise your clothes and determine what to keep
  • Get advice on how to incorporate unusual items into rotation
  • Put together new outfits from what you already have
  • Learn which looks are best for your lifestyle

Detailed Information

  • Travel costs outside of London may apply
  • There is no requirement to purchase any clothing</li>
  • Duration of experience: 3-4 hours
  • Gift voucher valid for one person

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