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Have a professional stylist advise you on streamlining your wardrobe, learning to work better with the clothes you already own and getting rid of the ones that don't suit you. Perfect for those with too many clothes and nothing to wear!

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Feel lost every time you open your closet? Streamline your wardrobe with a professional stylist and image consultant, organising your outfits so you can dress better – and faster! You'll receive expert advice on which clothes make you look your best and which ones you should simply get rid of, as well as learning how to combine different items to get more outfits out of fewer clothes!

Your personal stylist, Julia Kaluska, brings years' worth of fashion industry experience and expertise to your home to give you detailed fashion advice that will last a lifetime. You'll learn which colours and patterns suit your complexion and body shape, how to completely transform an outfit with accessories, and which shapes and styles work best to enhance your figure from necklines to waistlines.

So learn to make the most out of the clothes you already own, and receive all the tips you need to make better informed shopping choices in future. The benefits are two-fold: de-clutter your wardrobe and dress better than ever. All without leaving the house!

What's included:

  • Receive a colour analysis and body shape advice
  • Learn which clothes suit you best – and ditch the rest
  • Get a complementary personal colour swatch
  • Never buy clothes that don't suit you again

Detailed Information

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Lasts approximately 3 hours
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