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Walking Balloon - Penguin

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This Penguin Walking Balloon is looking for a new home and can’t wait to waddle along behind you wherever you go. He’s surprisingly well-trained for a penguin!
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Tired of the Antarctic, this little emperor decided he wanted a bit of warmth so we told him we would be able to find him a nice loving home in our adventurous British climate. After much thought this little Penguin decided he would give up the ice in the hope of sharing your home. The Penguin Walking Balloon is easy to look after and is happy to sit with you in silence and will be made happy with the odd fish or two as a tasty snack.

This balloon will already be filled when he is delivered to your door and will float just above ground level. His webbed feet give the impression that he is walking along behind you when you pull him along with the attached cord.

Just like the real thing, this bird is flightless as over time his wings have evolved into flippers, he also has two little penguin eyes and lovely black markings on his face. This walking balloon will be your faithful companion for between one and two weeks. 

  • Foil Balloon in a penguin design
  • Great gift for fans of this arctic bird
  • Arrives fully inflated and ready to go
  • Perfect for any occasion

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 40cm high
  • Material: metal foil, helium gas filling 
  • Durability: According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 1-2 weeks 
  • Do not fly outdoors
  • Keep away from power lines and other sources of electricity