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Walking Balloon - Ladybird

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Our Ladybird Walking Balloon will send you dotty with delight, it makes a lovely gift for your little ones and is ideal for any occasion.
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The Ladybird itself is worthy of a celebration all of its own. These cute little insects are not only the least scary insect in existence, they also do the amazing job of eating those pesky little aphids that insist on feasting their way through your favourite plants. What better way to celebrate this adorable little bug (or even a birthday) than with this Ladybird Walking Balloon that kids will adore.

The Ladybird Walking Balloon is designed with the same stunning features that you might find on the real thing, such as a delightful black face, big, bright, shiny eyes that glisten with joy, and bright red back that is covered in an array of lovely black spots.

Our Ladybird Walking Balloon is a giant 50 cm high and is filled with the perfect mixture of gases that make it hover above the ground. This combined with its dangly little feet give the impression that it’s walking along behind you when you pull it along. It comes fully inflated and with a cord and plastic weight attached so that it won’t fly away.

  • Walking Balloon with ladybird design
  • Ideal gift for kids
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Arrives fully inflated

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 50cm long
  • Material: metal foil, helium gas filling 
  • Durability: According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 1-2 weeks 
  • Do not fly outdoors
  • Keep away from power lines and other sources of electricity