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Tracking Weekend | South East

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Ever wondered how the experts track animals through the wilds? Find out and have a go yourself on this cool adventure tracking weekend out in the South-East woodlands!
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Can you recognise a deer track? How about distinguishing different deers’ tracks when they’re running in a group or identify when they’re running away scared or during mating season? By the time you’re finished with this fun and informative tracking course, you’ll not only be recognising different animal tracks but interpreting them with a deeper understanding to get closer to the wildlife and become one of the natural inhabitants of the woodlands yourself.

Learn to spot kill sites and identify feeding habits as well as a whole host of other animal behaviour characteristics - like a regular David Attenborough! You’ll be delving deep into the mind of a tracking expert during this awesome weekend course and will learn all these secrets and more! You’ll not only learn the tricks of the trade but get to play with some of their cool equipment too - try your hand at using trail cams, taking casts of animal tracks and singing out with your best animal call impressions!

So reconnect with your animal instincts and open up your senses to the magnificent and fascinating animal behaviour of the woodlands on this excellent tracking weekend adventure.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of nature
  • Learn to identify different animal tracks
  • Identify animal behaviours
  • Try your hand (or voice!) at animal calls
  • Enjoy a unique weekend adventure

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