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Throw & Grow Flower Grenades

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Let the inner gardener in you ‘explode’ out as you amuse yourself with these Throw and Grow Flower Grenades. Fill up lone patches of your garden with beautiful wild flowers the fun, hassle-free way.
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An eco-friendly product, the Throw and Grow Flower Grenades are a fun way to grow pretty flowers while maintaining that well deserved manicure.

Get your aggression out the healthy way. Throw and smash clay grenades filled with wild-flower seeds and watch the biodegradable clay slowly disintegrate away naturally (this happens gradually over time not straight away) as your flowers grow in its stead. How magical is that?

These flower grenades are a fun and entertaining project that everyone can participate in, even the dog! Feel a sense of inner pride and satisfaction as your flowers start to take form...nobody need know how easy the whole process was. The earth and environment will thank you for your loving gesture and friends and family will awe at your gardening prowess.

  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Clay grenades disintegrate into the earth
  • Covers lone patches in the garden with flowers
  • Ready to use instantly
  • Flowers last up to one month

Detailed Information

  • Height of 11cm
  • Wild-flower mix includes: rye grass, dandelion, poppy & other seeds
  • Pack contains 3 clay grenades filled with seeds
  • Material: biodegradable clay