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Teenagers Fundamental Bushcraft Course | East of England

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It’s important to learn to stand on your own two feet as you navigate your way through adolescence and this awesome Teenagers Fundamentals Bushcraft Course will bring out no end of independence and self-confidence!

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We all remember what it’s like being a teenager: school, friends and life in general make up a complex web of confusion and hormones! You feel pretty moody all the time and it’s hard to get motivated about anything other than lying in bed for another 3 hours with the curtains closed. Sounding familiar for any current members of your household?! Well, get them - and yourself! - a wonderful gift and send them on a bushcraft course for teenagers.

It’s an activity weekend like no other that’s guaranteed to get even the most sullen kids brimming with enthusiasm and adventure! They’ll live their very own Bear Grylls-style experience for two days and one night out in the wilds of the East Midlands woodlands learning all the basics of bushcraft and survival. When they come out the other side, not only will they be full of stories and motivation, they’ll be able to build shelters, campfires and navigate by the stars.

Get your teenagers up and energised with this adventure weekend learning bushcraft skills and see them come to life again!

  • A fun weekend out in the woodlands
  • Lots of activities and games
  • Learn essential bushcraft skills
  • Build knowledge and confidence
  • Enjoy time in the fresh air being active
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