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Teenagers Fundamental Bushcraft Course | East Midlands

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It’s hard to get teenagers excited about anything that doesn’t involve sleeping or watching TV so be prepared for some unusual animation when you offer them a weekend away on a Teenagers Fundamentals Bushcraft Course!

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Of course we all love our kids, even when they start bearing signs of those grumpy adolescent years where you can barely get a grunt of enthusiasm out of them! But there comes a time when you’ve simply had enough of dirty socks everywhere and being treated like a private chef! Get your lovely not-so-little ones out from under your feet for the weekend and let them get a taste of making it on their own!

Every teenager will come alive with the spirit of adventure on this fun bushcraft activity weekend and they’ll learn a thing or two as well! Not only will there be no-one to pick up after them, they’ll be learning how to survive all by themselves out in the wilderness too! Once they’ve finished this cool bushcraft course for teenagers, they’ll be a dab hand at building shelters, making campfires, tracking animals and preparing their own food (imagine that!).

So say goodbye to sullen Kevin and welcome home your refreshed teenager full of energy and self-confidence after they’ve completed this awesome fundamentals bushcraft course!

  • Get teenagers up and motivated
  • A fun and unique weekend away
  • Learn basic bushcraft skills
  • Have fun learning with peers
  • Nurture teenagers’ adventurous spirits!
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