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Super Mario Question Block Light

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Illuminate your love of classic video games with this brilliant Super Mario Question Block Light!Just press the top to power up and add a cool sense of mystery to any room!
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Bring some extra life into any room with this awesome Super Mario Question Block Light! This cube-shaped lamp looks just like a bump block from the early Super Mario Bros. games. When Mario bumps them, he reveals a mystery bonus. When you bump it, there’s no mystery at all: it turn the lamp on or off! Put it in the lounge to set the mood for a proper gaming session. Dim the lights to make it feel like you’ve entered a pipe world! This fun lamp can be plugged into a USB adapter or it takes batteries, so it can be placed just about anywhere in the house or even the caravan.

This brilliant lamp is easy to use. Press down on top to activate the power or to shut it off. When it’s on, it casts a warm glow through the pixelated question mark. This cool lamp looks fantastic on a bedside table in a gaming-mad kids’ room. But it’s equally excellent for a grown-up retro games fan. It’s great for a unique birthday or Christmas present for anyone who loves this iconic game!

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