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Whether your style icon is a classic James Bond or a more quirky Russell Brand, this Styling for Men session will help get you on your way to feeling cool and stylish every day!

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Fed up of wearing the same old thing all the time? Want to bring your look up-to-date and feel stylish? It’s not so easy to do all by yourself - there’s so much out there and so many icons to look up to but which looks and styles will really look good on you? With this fun, accessible and incredibly useful session with a professional stylist and image consultant, you’ll find out just how to upgrade your look for good.

Discover which styles, cuts, shapes and colours will really complement and flatter you. Never wander the shops aimlessly again wondering whether that shirt is a bit too “young” or that jumper a bit too “hipster”…once you’ve enjoyed your men’s styling session you’ll have the knowledge and tools to breeze through the shops picking out stylish piece after stylish piece.

You’ll be in safe hands and can trust that you’ll love the outcome of your styling session. So forget David Beckham or Tom Hiddleston - surrender to style and become your very own fashion icon!

What's included:

  • Discover which styles and shapes suit you
  • Learn how to pick colours and matching outfits
  • Get personalised advice and guidance
  • Learn how to shop smartly to save time and money
  • Take your style to a new level and feel like a new man!
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