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Stunt Driving Passenger Ride | North East

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Experience the exhilarating world of stunt driving from the passenger seat. Buckle up and let a professional stuntman take you through the gamut of cinematic driving feats at full throttle!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to tag along in your favourite cinematic car chase? To reach speeds that should be illegal and defy every rule of the road? This stunt ride experience takes place at one of the world's leading stunt driving schools and practice tracks, burning rubber and performing jaw-dropping feats of vehicular physics while you grip your seat and surrender to the adrenaline!

After the initial safety briefing, you'll belt yourself into one of the jacked-up stunt cars and tear around the auto-test track with a professional stunt driver at the wheel. You'll experience exhilarating drifts and donuts, thrilling 180 and 360 spins, gut-shifting J-turns and even handbrake-assisted parallel parks from full speed, just like in your top action movies!

For committed gearheads and adventurous film fans, this is an unforgettable thrill-ride perfect for commemorating any special day or occasion, no matter if it's The Italian Job or The Fast and the Furious that has you wild-eyed and salivating! Just buckle up, hold onto your hat and scream if you want to go faster!

What´s included:

  • Do donuts and drift with a professional stunt driver at the wheel
  • Burn rubber on a dedicated stunt track
  • Experience thrilling handbrake turns and spins
  • Parallel park at breackneck speeds

Detailed Information

  • Spectators welcome
  • Refreshments available on-site
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