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Stunt Driving Lessons | North East

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Love cars but tired of the daily commute? Learn to perform a whole host of full-throttle driving stunts with tutelage from a professional stuntman on this exhilarating day out!

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Bored of sitting in traffic? Do you daydream about car chases and burning rubber? Then learn to perform breathtaking automobile feats just like those in the movies at one of the world's leading stunt driving schools!

You'll receive expert instruction from a highly trained stunt driver who'll welcome you to the track and brief you on the safety procedures and the day's itinerary. You'll then be taught to master some of Hollywood's favourite stunts, from drifting to donuts to pulling off the perfect J-turn or reverse spin. You'll also learn how to use the handbrake for white-knuckle 180 and 360-degree turns, then translate the technique into instant parallel parking. Just promise us you won't try replicating the move during the next school run!

Once you've got your repertoire of classic driving stunts down, you'll be given the chance to push your skills to the limit across two courses. First, warm up on the slalom course, then compete against other students on the auto-test stunt track challenge! Your best time will be submitted to an online leader-board and a prize presented to the overall winner!

What´s included:

  • Learn how to drift and do donuts
  • Turn, spin and parallel park at breakneck speeds with your handbrake
  • Try the slalom course and stunt-track challenge
  • Prizes are awarded for winning times

Detailed Information

  • Spectators welcome
  • Refreshments available on-site
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