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Strawberry Plant Tin

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The cute little Strawberry Plant Tin is the gift that keeps on giving. Simply plant the strawberry seeds inside the greenhouse tin, and nurture until the juicy fruits grow.
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The Strawberry Plant Tin is a little pot of goodness. The adorable little, round metal tin contains strawberry seeds and 3 soil discs so that you can plant and grow your own juicy berries anywhere you like. Simply add water to the soil disc, inside the tin, and scatter the seeds. Water regularly to ensure the plant is sufficiently hydrated.

The Strawberry Plant Tin is a self-contained mini greenhouse. There is no need to replant your strawberry seedlings in a large, cumbersome flowerpot. Directly connect with nature by placing the compact plant tin in sunny spot. Water regularly, and avoid getting the strawberry plant leaves wet. Then just sit back and wait for harvest time!

You don’t require a lot of space to grow healthy, fresh and tasty strawberries. The Strawberry Plant Tin is perfectly sized for growing berries on a sunny windowsill or on a balcony. This easy-grow gift is a great introduction to healthy eating for children who are interested in learning about how our food grows. Green-fingered gardening friends will also be delighted with this thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

  • Sweet gift for gardeners
  • Perfect for adding a home-grown touch to summer fruit salads
  • Easy to use 

Detailed Information

  • Silver box with strawberry greenhouse
  • Measurements: approx. 8 cm high, approx. 10.5 cm diameter
  • Contains Strawberry Seeds & 3 soil discs


Quick Guide: Strawberry Plant Tin

1.  Add a little water to the enclosed soil. The water should be added slowly to avoid over-hydration.

2. After adding a bit of soil to the bottom of the tin, scatter the strawberry seeds over it and cover with the remaining soil.

3. The plant should be watered regularly, but not over hydrated. Take care to avoid the leaves getting wet. Once the fruit begins growing it needs less water.

4. Seeding should take place from July to September. The fruits can be harvested the following spring/summer.