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Split-Cam | Fuse 2 Images

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Create unique and unconventional photographs with the wild and wacky Split-Cam Fuse 2 Images. This quirky camera lets you shoot crazy mismatched images of whatever inspires your imagination.
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Tired of taking boring photographs that require little imagination? You need the Split-Cam! This stylish quirky analogue camera uses clever image fusion technology so that you can transform your pictures into wacky works of crazy art. The Split-Cam camera fuses the top and bottom of two different images to create a unique photograph.

The Split-Cam has a cross-hair setting in the viewfinder that is perfect for lining up your potential images. Look through the viewfinder window and select the two images you would like to combine. The first photo you take will be the top half of your finished photograph, and the second shot will occupy the bottom.

Amaze and impress your friends with your original and crazy creative ideas. Mix and match animals and people, or random body parts to make zany and funny photos. The Split-Cam makes a great gift for all experimental photographers and anyone with a wacky sense of humour.


  • Takes quirky split shot images of whatever you line up in the viewfinder
  • Create unusual artistic photographs inspired by your unique imagination
  • Turn your average pics into wacky and wonderful original photographs
  • Makes a great gift for experimental photographers and jokers

Detailed Information

  • 11.4 x 7 x 3.8 cm
  • Suitable for all 35mm photographic film (recommended: 400 ASA +)
  • No flash
  • Instructions included