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Frog Prince Moneybox

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Perhaps you’re going to wait for your knight in shining armour to come and rescue you...or perhaps you’re going to save up some money and rescue yourself! With this Frog Prince Moneybox, every princess can take hold of their own financial power!
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We’ve all got a few dreams that rely quite heavily on having some extra pennies to help them get closer to reality. Whether you’re simply saving up for a new dress, a fun holiday with your friends, or something really special like a house or wedding, this Frog Prince Moneybox is one way to make sure you can take care of those pennies so the pounds will look after themselves!

Every time you’ve got a spare bit of change, your Frog Prince Moneybox will be there waiting - a willing and grateful recipient! The best kind of prince charming, you know you can rely on him to give you back everything that you put into the relationship! The more you save, the more fun you’ll be able to have and there won’t be a broken heart in sight.

A great gift idea for anyone looking to save up for a rainy day (or a sunny adventure somewhere), this Frog Prince Moneybox is a cute and colourful addition to any saving attempts!

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