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'Sorry' Card

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Whatever sinister deed you have performed, be it swiping the last of the milk or hogging the duvet, this ‘Sorry’ Card is all you need to get instant forgiveness.

  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy
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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


Have you done something really, really bad? Maybe you drank the last of the milk from the fridge and forgot to replace it? Maybe you spent all of last night hogging both the bed and all of the duvet? Or maybe you left your friend’s house unlocked while you were house sitting and all of their worldly possessions got taken away by a man wearing a black and white stripy jumper, a balaclava and carrying a bag with the word ‘Swag’ written on the side. Whatever you’ve done wrong, and let’s face it, it’s probably something, our 'Sorry' Card says all that there is to say.

The 'Sorry' Card truly expresses your deep regret at your actions, and the front is dark and rainy just like your soul, and the soul of the person that you wronged. It’s an A6 card and is blank inside so that you can write a thorough and detailed explanation as to what you did wrong and how you will seek to rectify this behaviour. It even comes with its very own envelope so that your wrong doing can be hidden from the world.

This 'Sorry' Card is all you need to appease that special someone, and for goodness sake, don’t do it again.

  • The perfect card to say you’re sorry 
  • Stormy and dark design, like your soul 
  • The ideal card for a person who has been wronged 
  • Guaranteed to get you off the hook* 

*Not guaranteed at all 

Detailed Information

  • Blank inside for personalised message
  • Matching white envelope
  • Material: Paper, cardboard
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