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Shakespeare in the City Walk | London

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It’s Shakespeare as you’ve never known him before: leave the Globe to tourists who aren’t in the know and instead head on this fantastic Shakespeare in the City walk to really find out more about the inspirations and passions of the man behind the pen (or quill)!
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Go behind the scenes of the life of Britain’s best-loved playwright William Shakespeare in this unique, interesting and poignant walking tour Shakespeare in the City. For someone so well-known and documented, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this historical figure and this unparalleled walking tour will shed some light on his complicated personal life as well as his writing. 

Leave the crowds behind and instead head down the winding alleys North of the Thames and straight into the 16th Century where you will visit locations where Shakespeare lived, loved and wrote. Listen to many secret stories on the walk led by actor and Shakespeare expert Declan McHugh.  Hear speeches from some of Shakespeare’s plays performed by your professional actor guide, adding a level of drama and excitement to the experience so you can really lose yourself in Shakespeare’s world.

The Shakespeare in the City Walk is an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for an interesting way to discover another side of London and be treated to a drama-filled 90 minutes, but is a particularly wonderful experience for drama, literature or simply all-round Shakespeare enthusiasts!


What's included:

  • Discover the Shakespeare you never knew before
  • Wander through winding streets and visit important sites
  • Step back in time and let the walk take you back
  • Hear Shakespeare speeches expertly delivered
  • Led by professional actor and Shakespeare expert Declan McHugh

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