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Salami Notes | Gourmet Note Pad

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Don't put that slice of salami in a sandwich, write a note on it! Kitchen notes were never so much fun as when you write on this Gourmet Note Pad.
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Say goodbye to those old boring post it notes and say hello to the modern cooks way of leaving a memo! Designed to look just like one of those sticks of salami all amateur chefs love to have in their kitchens, this is the perfect fun gift for those who spend more time in their kitchen than anywhere else. Ideal for jotting down essential items for a shopping list, or even a recipe you don't want to forget.

It's also great for playing tricks on sombody as it looks so realistic. Imagine their faces when you take a slice of salami and start writing on it! If you are walking around the
supermarket with a couple of slices expect to get some funny looks off fellow shoppers, the ultimate private joke where only you know the punchline!

The Salami Notes Gourmet Note Pad is the perfect addition to any style of kitchen, and ensures you always have something to hand to make a note of those little important things you always seem to think of while cooking. If you are creating a dish and use the last of the garlic, for example, you can jot it down immediately so you don't forget to pick some more up. One word of warning however, keep it in eyesight and hungry little visitors might just try to eat a few slices!

  • A fun and useful addition to any kitchen
  • The ideal gift for anyone who loves cooking but often forgets essential ingredients 
  • Looks incredibly realistic 
  • Eliminates the need for ugly notice boards
  • Guaranteed to put a smile on everyones face 

Detailed Information

  • 1000 sheet notepad block