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Safari Photography Workshop | Bedfordshire

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Enjoy learning the fundamentals of nature photography with VIP access to a safari park, honing your skills snapping monkeys, zebra and wildebeast among other alluring creatures!

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All the ferocity, grace and vibrancy of the animal kingdom is your subject on this photography class meets safari. Under the supervision of seasoned park keepers, you’ll enjoy special access to a world of magnificent beasts at a safari park, able to explore areas not usually open to the public! There will be ample opportunity to take breathtaking photographs as you learn the tips and techniques employed by top photographers of the natural world!

There will be refreshments upon arrival at the park as your guide briefs you on procedure and then instructs you on the fundamentals of nature photography and the techniques you’ll need to get the most out of your camera. Before long you’ll have hopped into a Land Rover on your way to snap monkeys, rhinos, wildebeast, lemurs and zebra among other creatures.

This half-day experience includes full admission to a safari park so you can continue exploring even once the lesson’s over. You’ll have developed a natural photography portfolio in no time and, who knows, may even feel confident enough to enter a few prizes!

What's included:

  • Learn the fundamentals of nature photography
  • Enjoy VIP access to areas of the park usually closed to visitors
  • Take fantastic snaps of Monkeys, Zebra, Rhinos and other beasts
  • Keep practicing once the lesson's over with access to the rest of the park

Detailed Information

  • Gift voucher valid for one person
  • Continued access outside of lesson time might be limited during winter season
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