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For budding popstars or special day celebrations, the Popstar Experience enables you and your friends to cut your very own hit record with a professional engineer!

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The Popstar Experience provides everything you need to cut a record of your own, whether you want it to launch a pop career, as a memento of a special day or simply to share with friends. As well as access to a professional studio, you'll have an experienced engineer to make you sound your very best and be entered into a special online chart!

You'll be greeted by your personal engineer, who'll show you around and get you ready to rock! With headphones on in the vocal booth, you'll be able to hear yourself back and test your levels. You'll choose a track and do your vocal warm-ups – if you have any! Once you're comfortable, sing the track through or in stages until you're happy with it, then add harmonies and ad-libs for the final mix. Your engineer will make you sound great, enhancing your individual style and auto-tuning over any problem notes!

At the end of the session, you'll be able to download a digital copy of the track to share with friends and release it onto the official chart! And who knows, maybe it'll be the start of an exciting pop career?

What's included:

  • Record your own pop song 
  • Sing in a professional studio, assisted by a personal engineer 
  • Choose from over 10,000 quality backing tracks 
  • Receive a digital copy of the final mix 
  • Enter your song into a special online chart
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